Award nominated songwriterZachary Luckyis unapologetically old-school country, armedwith a husky baritone voice - he sings of Canadian places and people as knowingly ashe might Townes Van Zandt or the Rio Grande. His songs are relatable on many levels,and conjure universal feelings that have passed through our collective timelines.Already hailed as a master storyteller by outlets ranging from No Depression to TheGlobe and Mail, and with four albums under his belt already - Zachary Lucky returnswith a new album entitled “Songs For Hard Times” which came out November 5th 2022.
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The road is no stranger to Canadian country singer Zachary Lucky. He’s used torolling through hundreds of tour dates a year, sleeping in the back of his car, andplaying his heart out in every town he moves through. He’s learned to trust the road,and to trust the gifts it brings. It’s a lesson he learned first from hisgrandfather, famed Canadian western singer Smilin’ Johnnie Lucky, who was known forrelentlessly touring the Arctic regions of the country. In his youth, Zachary Luckyfelt free on the road, driving from one town to the next and never staying long. “I never felt the need to come home” he says, “because there was never anything waitingfor me there.”